music has more or less ruled my life since I picked up a guitar at age 15 and learned my first chords (A, E and D). Other hobbies like cooking, snowboarding and travel have at times seemed more important, but I truly love to play music. I play mostly guitar, with a passion for acoustic guitar but also my beloved Rickenbacker electric guitar.

My guitar heroes were never the star guitarists, but always the sidemen - players like Johnny Marr, Johnny Buckland, Peter Buck, The Edge, Keith Scott, Mike Campbell, Stu Garrard. When I pick up a guitar, I still try to be like those players, supporting the song, supporting the singer, playing interesting things, but not becoming the centre of attention.

I also play a few other instruments with varying levels of success, cello, bass, weissenborn, keyboard. I've even been known to mess about on mandolin, banjo and pedal steel. i'm not much of a singer, but I can sing basic parts as well, mostly thanks to my wife Jo who taught me how.

Mr Mixalot Creative is really my outlet for audio and video work, but hey, if you need an experienced sideman-type guitarist/multi instrumentalist, get in touch, maybe we can work together.